Trump decided: a ban on entry of German citizens in America. Germany is a dangerous country. Merkel shocked.

… So it was on Germany and Trump ventured to say to the phone something that Madame Merkel shocked. The Germans probably not travel to the US. She wanted to hang up the phone, she did not … eventually.

Following a telephone conversation with Merkel: Trump wants to extend the ban on entering Germany.

The surprising twist in the debate about the ban on entry into the United States. Trump now wants to close the borders of their country and for the Germans. This is the result of his telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor Merkel. Trump: ‚granting a lesson not understand. “
Mass media are exasperated by the entry ban promulgated by the US for certain countries. Merkel forty-five minutes in a telephone interview the US president Donald Trump clarify the content of the Geneva Convention on Refugees. The convention said the international community calls to people fleeing war, adopting the reasons of humanity.
As the internet daily MMnews learned today from trusted circles close to the Federal Chancellor, Trump responded to this lesson quite exuberantly: „The Chancellor granted understood the lesson,“ the US president cited.
To quote Trump said that Merkel knows that most of the refugees are economic migrants, many among them are actually terrorists. It is not with the Geneva Convention on Refugees nothing. Additionally, he said Merkel knows exactly as damage caused Germany. To do this, just look into the crime statistics.
US President now as they react announced that the border is closed for German citizens. „Germany has become a dangerous country“, reads from around Donald Trump. „This danger can not be imported into the United States. Therefore, the prohibition of entry for German right decision. “
Entry ban for Germany but may not last forever, says US official circles. Should the forthcoming elections to the Bundestag the government into power political party Alternative for Germany, it would be considered to alleviate this prohibition.
The response by Federal Chancellor Merkel is still little known. From hearsay to know that apparently just wanted to hang up the phone. But eventually, the US President said goodbye politely.
Prohibition of entry for the Germans to be announced tomorrow through intelligence networks Twitter ?

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